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We strive to be the best and make awesome work.

What We Do

We are now using Zoom so we can get to know you better face to face. It is easier to find out what colors, fonts, and designs you like. We can get better descriptions of your services and can record and then transpose them to use on your website.

Who we are

Cris Richard’s Custom Web Design is a family-owned and operated business. We found a critical need in the web design industry with decades of experience running and managing our own small businesses. We wanted a company that recognized us as people, not a number. A company that took TIME to help us become more successful on the internet to drive traffic to our business as we kept WORKING on our business.

Real-Life Experience

Years ago, after a horrible experience with a costly marketing agency, we paid for a pretty site that no one could find for one of our small businesses. It was devastating financially.

After our experience, Richard learned Web Design and rebuilt the site himself. This time with the right SEO and functionality. He is constantly taking classes to keep up with new trends. And so it began.

Why Cris Richard’s Custom Web Design?

Using Divi  Builder we work on one website at a time.
We look at your business like it was our business. We take your success very personally. The benefit of working with a small web design agency (or web designer) is you are one of a few clients versus one of several hundred or thousands.
At Cris Richard’s Web Design, we care about YOU! We are more accessible than other agencies and will answer all your questions and find solutions.

Meet Our Web Desgn Team

web design

Our family works on the projects.

Richard Millstein- Top tier of Cris Richard’s WebDesign. He builds the websites, Seo’s them, and tracks them regularly for updates and function.

Cristine Millstein-Helps write copy, design, and edit the site.

Matthew Millstein- Runs a Digital Branding and Social Media company.

Michael Millstein- Helps with Instagram, social media, and WooCommerce integration.

Together we collaborate on design, layout, color theme, and fonts.

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